Bryant + Sydney • Proposal Portraits • Headlands Beach State Park • Cleveland, Ohio

From the moment that Bryant messaged me on instagram, I could already tell how excited he was to propose to his girlfriend. This gut feeling was solidified when we met up and talked through a plan for him to pop the question. He spoke of how much he loved her, how he admired her passion and care for others around her from her closest family and friends to someone she just met.

We planned to meet at Headlands Beach State Park and the cover story was his family’s annual portraits for their Christmas cards. When the couple arrived with his parents, he said that the rest of the family was running late and would be there soon. I suggested that we do some individual photos and couples photos so we could get those out of the way before the big group shot. Little did Sydney know that no one else was coming and this whole conversation was planned from the beginning.

After getting a few individual photos, we did a short hike over to a shaded area while Sydney told me all about how they met, how they had been together, and she even joked about hoping he would propose soon and that many of their family and friends have asked when it might happen.

Once I got them set up for a few couple’s photos, I let them to pose back-to-back and Bryant snuck the ring into a shot. At our pre-planned que, they took a few steps apart and she turned to run towards him, but he was down on a knee!

She was so happy and there were tears and popping champagne and congrats shouted by his parents standing nearby.

We then took some time to walk down to the beach and got a few more portraits before heading back to the car where mom was awaiting with cookies made to celebrate the occasion!

Congrats to Bryant & Sydney! You’re going to have such an amazing marriage together!!

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