My steering wheel and my shower head both think I'm an excellent singer. You can regularly catch me starring in my one-woman shows of my favorite Broadway musicals whenever I get in my car. Ask me what song is the top of my playlist lately and I'll bet you it's more than likely a Broadway jam!

If you show me a dance floor, I will find an opportunity to bust a move on it. I'm definitely not the most coordinated person in the world, but I do love to let loose with a dance party any chance I get.

I am a loud and proud nerd! I love to tell stories of my Dungeons & Dragons games and all the crazy situations my friends and I get into. My free time is filled with a good session of Skyrim or Minecraft. My husband and I have a awesome board game collection and it is one of our favorite things to explore for date nights.

I love being a dog mom and my dog is the cutest dog in the world. He is also a photographer's child and poses perfectly for every photo, especially if treats are near.

I don't have drama in my life, but I love dramas on TV. My evenings (and long editing sessions) are usually accompanied by shows like The Bachelor, Handmaid's Tale, Grey's Anatomy, Station 19, 9-1-1, New Amsterdam, The Resident and the occasional sitcom when I need a good laugh. 

I love cooking! I have a bunch of fun cook books and I love trying out new recipes and shopping for unique ingredients to sample something new and different. I especially like carb-full foods like pasta, perogis, poutine, and tacos or a nice minty dessert.

I grew up in Michigan and went to Michigan State so I am a die-hard Spartan fan. I also know that living in Ohio means that I have to be careful about my fandom of schools in "that other state". I did marry into a Buckeye family so as long as they aren't playing each other, I root for the Spartans and the Buckeyes.

Have you ever been to Engagement, Ohio?

It's between Dayton and Marion!

I love a corny joke and will often use them in session to get you to laugh and show me that beautiful smile. Also, they are just fun. I have tons of them!

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