Vendor Spotlight: Blush Bloom Boudoir

Cassie of Blush Bloom Boudoir | Photo Credit: Rebel Boudoir Studio


Welcome to the first edition of Vendor Spotlight! Each month, I will be featuring an awesome vendor in the Northeast Ohio wedding community that I love that is highly focused on serving their clients to make sure they have the best wedding experience ever. For January 2020, we get to meet an awesome photographer and close personal friend of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, brides and grooms, introducing Cassie Trebar of Blush Bloom Boudoir!

Photo Credit: Blush Bloom Boudoir


How did you get started in boudoir photography?

In all honesty, I got started in boudoir by total accident and it was the best accident to ever happen in my life. Throughout my years, I have been thrown many curve balls that I never expected. Just like every lady, those curve balls almost broke me, but even after standing tall fighting for my life and winning the war I was still extremely negative about my body and hated all I had fought so hard for. When I stood in the mirror all I could ever see were flaws and I didn’t have an ounce of appreciation for all the beautiful things my body had accomplished in the fight for my life. Naturally, as a disabled woman with a bad self-body image and a constant fight to stay alive I fell into a bit of depression during my time waiting for a kidney transplant. This was the time I picked up my first camera and started to heal my soul through the magic of art and portraiture.

If we fast forward a little bit I started my business a year later and started shooting all the things! I loved my little business and I loved what it did for my mental health even more but at that point, back in early 2016 I never had a clue what my art could do for others. It was in December 2016 that I learned exactly what power I held inside me and what my art could really do for ladies just like me. I had some requests and decided to go ahead and shoot my first boudoir sessions that month for a few ladies as Christmas presents to their partners. I shot a full day of sessions and had so much fun working with, uplifting, and capturing so many beautiful ladies! Little did I know they would lead me to the passion, purpose and calling I was born to be working on. Long story short, the beautiful tear-filled reactions these ladies had to their photos, and their absolute shock at how truly beautiful they were even though they couldn’t see that in the mirror filled my heart with so much joy. I will never forget when one of my very first Bloom Babes tearfully said “I had no idea I was that beautiful. I am going to hang these up on my mirror to remind me every day that what I see isn’t reality, and that I am beautiful no matter what”

Ever since then women’s intimate empowerment portraiture is my passion, my soul filler, my chosen life’s mission and the best career I could have ever dreamed of. It’s rare for people to find the place they know they absolutely belong in this world but for me, I was lucky to find boudoir photography and create Blush Bloom Boudoir.

Photo Credit: Blush Bloom Boudoir

What do you love about what you do?

I absolutely love working with so many women of so many different walks of life, showing them their beauty and teaching them that they are worth so much more than they have ever given themselves credit for.

What makes Blush Bloom Boudoir different from the other intimate portrait photographers?

I think my genuine personality, my unique perspective on body image and self value, and my absolute love for what I do and every woman I work with sets me apart. For me this isn’t just a job. Its a mission and it’s my dream to make sure every lady who walks through my door leaves having at least one person in her life who told her “You are worth it. You are beautiful. And you are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. You can do this and I believe in you.” With some businesses it’s just a photo shoot and these are very pretty pictures. With Blush Bloom Boudoir this is a life changing experience and when you leave you will have a new best friend to support and cheer you on.

Photo Credit: Blush Bloom Boudoir

What are three words that clients would use to describe an experience with you?

Empowering, Luxurious, and Genuine

Who is your ideal client?

My perfect match in a client is the lady who wants to embrace the beautiful woman she is inside and out. Someone who appreciates quality and isn’t afraid to treat herself. Someone who is committed to loving herself here and now and breaking away from the societal standard of hating her body. Someone who wants a down to earth, fun, friendly photographer to work with for this freeing, uplifting, empowering and luxurious experience.

Photo Credit: Blush Bloom Boudoir

What else should people know about you and your business?

While Blush Bloom Boudoir absolutely focuses on ladies, I do shoot couples of all kinds and single males as well.


If you want to learn more about Cassie and what Blush Bloom Boudoir has to offer, you can find her here.

If you enjoyed this blog and would like to learn more about working with Cassie visit her website at and mention Samantha Coyle Photography in the referral section of the contact questionnaire for a $100 discount on your session fee.

Photo Credit: Blush Bloom Boudoir

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