Some Good News

Hi everyone!

I know that things have been a little quiet around here. Between Covid-19 shutting down the state, working with my couples to reschedule their weddings and make alternate plans, getting the Senior Photography side of my business up and running, and working on some other projects to make the experience bigger and better…..needless to say I’ve been keeping myself busy with not a lot of time to blog. Sorry friends and followers, I’m back now!

I also had an opportunity to meet up with an awesome family of friends for a little park photo session with Sean (my husband) and Jesse (our pup). This is a session that Karissa and I had been planning for a while and finally got the chance to make it happen, with a little twist at the end.

It started off simple enough: a few pictures in the park with our dog, a little few seated on the blanket, and a few just showing off our love and our happy little family of three.




Then we decided to do something a little fun. Karissa gave us two chalk boards and told us to write three words to describe the other person.

….but Sean didn’t know that Karissa had helped me out and pre-wrote my board before the session.


Time for the surprise 🙂









Needless to say, we are both so excited and can’t wait to meet our new little peanut due in March 2021. Of course, we had to take a few shots for our nerdy announcement. Jesse is excited to be a big brother, too!!



Thanks to Kaelyn of My Fair Makeup Artistry for making me look awesome and to Karissa of Karissa Rene Photography for helping with this surprise and making it such a special day with this beautiful images and for keeping our little secret for the past couple of months! I’m so excited to document the rest of this pregnancy journey with you. Also, thanks for bringing along Rob for the video and Evangeline to play with Jesse.

Now for a few FAQ:

Can I touch your belly?
– No….please dont. There is a global pandemic and people are getting super sick and I don’t want that so I will give you air hugs and elbow bumps, but no belly touches please!

Are you planning to take some time off from photography?
– Yes! I have a wedding scheduled for February 13, 2021 and will be taking time off of all photography sessions until June 5, 2021 when I have another wedding scheduled. I will likely still be somewhat active on social media until birth day, but I won’t be taking any sessions during that time so I can focus on the new chapter in our lives.

Is this one of those Pandemic babies?
– No, this was not a pandemic baby made from boredom and lock down and having nothing better to do. We had been planning to celebrate the start of our 30’s by growing our family and we are so excited and so blessed that we have a little bundle of joy on the way.

What’s up with the shirts?
– We are big D&D player so I made some fun shirts for us for the shoot. My fellow nerds will understand. Shout out to my nerd friends!!

Yay! I’m so excited for you, but I know that babies are a handful and require so much work and so much stuff. It takes a village, right? How can I help?
– Thanks so much! We are so excited, but we know we need to do a lot of work and get a lot of stuff to get ready for baby. We are talking about maybe possibly doing a baby shower for family and friends in late January/early February. This may be virtual or may be in person or possibly a mix of both. We may have people send stuff to our house and do a zoom party where we open everything and play games and have some fun. It will all depend on how the world is in the beginning of 2021. Either way, we have a registry set up here: Baby Coyle CLE and we’re 1000% thankful for any and all support.

Stay tuned as our journey to parenthood unfolds. I’ll be ramping up some fun sessions and minis this fall and winter to help us and our budget prepare for our new addition. If you have any words of advice or anything else for these first time parents, please leave it below in the comments. We would love to hear everything you have for us and we are so excited to embark on this crazy new adventure!


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